Intermittent Network Connection (VM's) (Outage)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - Vmware1
  • Hi All,

    We are currently seeing intermittent issue with some VPS on the vmware 1 server.

    We are investigating and trying to resolve the issue.

    Updates are below (latest first),

    15/7/21 - Only 1 VM showing network activity. (Waiting on client)

    • All VM's showing down have now been check and network activyt is showing.
    • If you are still having issues please repsonded/create a support ticket for further investigation.

    15/7/21 - Fixed 1 of the affected server

    • Realised the VM wasn’t able to even ping its own interfaces despite been online and active on the OS and the esxi host.
    • After number of tests/try’s with the network settings on the VM. Provided no results/answers.
    • Tried to see status of the "firewalld" on the OS. Results showed inactive (Masked)
    • Unmasked "firewalld" and started VM was ping able again.
    • Seeing if this fixes the other affected VM's.

    14/07/21 - Investigation to root cause and fix are still on going.

    • Virtual Machine are online showing no errors but not visible on the internet.
    • Following investigations from ourselves and the data center virtual machines affected that are online have lost all connection to the internet.
    • No settings have been changed. This affects just over 50% of VPS on the server.
    • Root cause and fix still unknown at this time.

    We will update as soon as possible thank you your patience

    Kind Regards Daniel

  • Date - 14/07/2021 12:08 - 15/07/2021 02:05
  • Last Updated - 15/07/2021 01:07

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